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Samsung 28cu ft. French Door Refrigerator- Silver

Samsung 28cu ft. French Door Refrigerator- Silver

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DIGITAL INVERTER TECHNOLOGY- It offers greater durability and saves energy by up to 50%. 

Unlike conventional compressors, it adjusts its speed automatically in response to cooling demand, reducing wear.
All your food will stay very fresh, in any compartment of the refrigerator.
MULTI FLOW Allows even distribution of cool air throughout the refrigerator.
POWER COOL-  At the touch of a button, Power Cool releases very cold air into the refrigerator to quickly chill your favorite foods or beverages.
POWER FREEZE- Sends a blast of cold air into the freezer, ideal for freezing, firming frozen foods, and making ice
SPACE MAX- Maximum interior space
This way, the refrigerator cools evenly from corner to corner, so each food stays fresh longer. 
of your fridge and generates the ice cubes automatically in its molds.

ALL-AROUND COOLING SYSTEM- Continuously check the temperature and blow out cool air. 

AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER- Machine that generates ice cubes automatically, since it takes the water from the tank

Net Dimensions- 908(W)x 1777(H)x 836(D) mm

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